How to Punish A Sub Over Text

Are you wondering how to punish a sub over text? Your submissive partner gets their punishment on your time. Just because you aren’t in the same room as each other doesn’t mean your sub can disobey your commands. Whether you live the BDSM life 24/7 or keep it private behind doors. Sending these bdsm punishment texts to your sub can make for a mind-blowing reunion. 

To make your texts more arousing to your sub, use commands similar to when you are together. Demand your sub to play with themselves, give them permission. If they disobey you, you can threaten them with your bdsm punishment ideas in a text to your sub.

Texting Prompts to Punish Your Sub

Punishment, even through text, is based on the rules you have already put in place for the degree of discipline during dirty talk.. Never punish your submissive partner for actions not previously explained as a rule. 

  • “You are getting tied to the bed while I use your little holes one by one.”
  • “Those red marks and love bites on your ass and inner thighs are a reminder that you belong to me”
  • “You aren’t leaving the party until I make you orgasm”
  • “Put your hair up before you walk through the door”
  • “Show me you’re wearing your butt plug or you will get punished and I will make you wear it all day”
  • “You want to act like a whore, I’m going to treat you like a whore”
  • “No touching your pussy/dick until I say so, understand?”
  • “You can choose your reward tonight”
  • “You are just my filthy sex toy that needs to be punished”
  • “Tell me how bad you want to please me”
  • “Are you sure you want to disobey me?”
  • “Send me a picture after you clean up your mess. If it’s not good enough, you WILL do it again”
  • “I’m in charge. Remember your place”
  • “Grab towels and charge the vibrator, you are getting punished for your bad behavior”
  • “Is that throat ready to gag for me?”
  • “There better be a 300-word essay ready on how much you beg to be my slave”

Your ultimate goal should be to sexually arouse your sub by punishment through a flowing text, to the point that they know just exactly how to perform for you. Every fetish/kink you find pleasure with in your BDSM relationship should be displayed consistently through dirty talk and text. As a dom, you need to maintain control of your submissive partner and be in charge of how the communication through dominate commands will flow. Bad behavior and disobeying orders from your slave results in automatic punishment. 

To throw in some extra creativity, write your discipline in the third-person. Using your dom name (Daddy, Master, Sir, Madame, Highness) text your sub and describe what you are going to do to them. This is an extra hot benefit for you as the dom, too. Reread the punishments you text your sub, even though they are your written fantasy. You can even choose to interpret your writing in the third-person as someone else doing this to your sub. Doesn’t that drive you wild?

Final Thoughts on How to Punish A Sub Over Text

It is a lot harder for some to display their roles as sub/dom over text. If both of you are vocal and are comfortable knowing the boundaries that are set in place, the punishment you give your submissive partner through text is going to come naturally. If you are finding it to be a struggle, I suggest you demand some self discipline from your sub, then, they must text a video of them pleasing themselves for you. Explain in a text, how they will be receiving the punishment if they disobey your orders. 

Don’t hold back speaking your dirty mind while texting. As a dom, you are in full control of your sub’s actions for you. If I could leave you with any advice, I would suggest that you still consider after-care even after a hot and heavy texting session. Whatever you find works or doesn’t work, use it to your and your submissive partner’s advantage and keep the freaky, nasty behavior in your day-to-day play. 

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