Do You Have Rigger Kink?

Take a moment and think back to the cub scout days. Learning survival techniques like rope knots, enforced focus, discipline, and confidence. Mastering these rope tying skills would allow you to advance in the 

Scout training. Now, this may not have a huge correlation towards a rigger kink. The experience you had as a kid could have struck a fascination with tying rope, as an adult, fascinations might turn into fetishes and kinks. The next thing you know, you have yourself a rope bunny!

What Is A Rigger in BDSM? 

Rope bondage is also known as Shibari, a Japanese bondage term meaning “to tie”, in an arousing style of art. A person who has mastered rope tying and the intricate knots involved is called a “Rigger”. Someone who enjoys bondage play and being tied up, they have the role of the “model or assistant” (also known as a rope bunny) for the rigger. A rigger doesn’t always use a bondage model to perform rope bondage, especially when learning new skills. Practicing rope knots on themselves is quite common. 

The kink itself can be many different parts of rope bondage. Using rope bondage for edge play, the rigger can also engage in consensual pain/torture BDSM kinks. Alternately, Shibari is used in BDSM couples because of its high level of trust and intimacy between the rope artist and the rope bunny. 

rigger kink

How To Be A Rigger 

The role of a rigger in BDSM is usually carried out by the dominant person. The first and most important step in any BDSM activity is to be educated on the act itself, communication, and the safety of every person involved. In order to become a successful rigger, take these into consideration:

Rigger Materials and Supplies

  • Rope – this might be obvious but you can’t run to your local hardware store and pick up whatever option you think is aesthetically pleasing. Hemp and Silk are natural materials that are highly durable and comfortable for the model. There is also synthetic rope like Nylon and paracord, that is perfect to practice with but not for more advanced techniques like suspension. Have at least 10 feet of rope for a session.
  • Safety Scissors – not only will you need to cut the rope for a session, but you also need to keep these types of scissors readily accessible if there is any sign of your partner losing circulation or feel discomfort.
  • Rope Bag – as you progress in rope bondage play, your materials will get more use resulting in wear and tear and lack of strength. Frequently washing and keeping your rope neatly coiled in a bag will help with prolonging the life of the rope and avoiding multiple ropes from getting tangled.
  • Carabiners and Clips – used mostly for rope bondage suspension, you don’t have to completely suspend the model’s whole body weight. Using a carabiner to attach your model’s bound arms above their head to a bar, is a good way to begin the advancement toward full-body suspension.

The Best Art Starts With The Canvas

The model is a blank slate for the rigger to perform their masterful art. The number one thing that can turn a rope bondage session into an absolute disaster, is not knowing the intricate design of the model. Height, curves, sensitive areas, and yes, weight. The model should voice their preference for rope material as well. 

Riggers should know the valuable mentality and closure their model is preparing to experience. The communication between the rigger and model should always remain consistent since there is an intense amount of trust placed in the rigger’s art.

Playing With A Rigger Kink Properly 

Rigger in BDSM

There is so much more to rope bondage than meets the eye. Riggers are intensely focused on the art they are making on their bondage model, having a feeling of sensual intimacy with themselves, their model, and the rope. 

Beautiful Art Takes Time

As a beginner to a rigger kink, it is mandatory to learn your knots and master the process before performing on the rope bunny. As a rigger, the act needs to be done flawlessly. Meaning, you can’t keep untying and fixing knots while binding. Keeping your bondage model in a restricted position for too long (longer than 30 minutes) will feel more discomfort than satisfaction. 

What Satisfaction Are You Going For?

Rope bondage and a rigger kink can be multiple different things. Riggers may find it sexually satisfying or just a way to express their artistic side with no sexual purpose. There are situations where a rope bunny will seek out a professional rigger for their own non-sexual satisfaction. Being restricted by rope can put them into a conscious state of mind where they can get closure to mental and emotional pain. For many riggers, that is simply the satisfaction they get out of their kink during a rope bondage scene. Knowing they are in control and are highly trusted by their partner. 

If the rigger kink includes BDSM sexual play, rope placement is very important during the rope bondage scene. Using paddles and whips will add extra sensitivity to the skin that is being bound. Only if requested or previously consented, vibrators and sex toys are great for added pleasure. These will keep the rigger in the control they want and the model is restricted and forced to submit. 

Risky Business

Playing with a rigger kink, and in all performances in BDSM, anyone involved should understand each other’s communication. Keeping the rope straight and not twisted will help deliver equal weight distribution and won’t pinch the model. Especially when using any sort of restraints in bondage, the risk of losing circulation and damaging nerves is extremely high. Improper use of rope and not having proper scissors near can end in taking the rope bunny to the hospital.

Rigger in BDSM

Final Thoughts

Finding out that you have a rigger kink is a very exciting thing! Even if you are only interested in simple wrist restraining or the aesthetic of rope bondage, all rope bondage should be enjoyable and safe. It can take years to master many styles of knots, but that is the joy that comes with this kink, you are constantly improving your artwork.

Now I am left to fantasize about a female rigger making me their rope slut. So, awaken that inner scout and brush up on those rope-tying techniques because babe you got yourself a rigger kink.


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