Bratty Sub: What It is and How To Explore It?

Sometimes, being a polite submissive can be tiring or boring. This is especially true if you’re a good girl at your workplace, school, and in other non-sexual activities.

How about you defy the rules for once and be feisty in bed by switching on your bratty mode? And what is bratty sub and how to explore it? Keep reading and you will find the answer.

What Is a Brat?

Unlike the non-sexual sense of being a brat, in BDSM, a brat has a style quite different from a “yes sir” submissive. Here, you infuse mischief and challenge into your submission.

Instead of obeying your Dom’s request, you resist by challenging his authority. This often ends with you getting punished (or rather “funished”) for disobedience.

The bratty way involves silly attributes like:

  • Talking back to your Dom/Master when you should be quiet
  • Questioning their strength
  • Refusing their wish
  • Whining like a spoiled prince/princess

And what’s the reward of being a spoilt brat? Well, you get spanked and compelled into titillating sexual acts you consent to.

As your lover’s bratty sub, you playfully push their buttons and deliberately rile them up. You’re like a shrew wanting to be tamed.

Having a bratty behavior doesn’t usurp your lover’s authority as the Dom; instead, it reinforces it. While you get punished for bad behavior, they enjoy reaffirming their power over you.

Pro-tip: You can be a bratty submissive as a male or female, regardless of your sexuality.

Why Bratty Sub?

bratty sub

If you and your partner are open to exploring new sex roles, you might find bratting a good way to find some unmatchable sexual release. 

Being a bratty sub can help you test your Dom’s competence in managing you. If they’re able to maintain their dominance while you push them, they come off as loyal and trustworthy. 

And as a bratty submissive, you don’t always allow your Master to monopolize bedroom actions. Instead, you spice things up with a “make me do it” attitude, which will thrillingly spark some electricity.

But being a bratty sub is only possible if your partner is a capable brat tamer. This term refers to someone who loves to bring submissive brats to order.

If your Dom loves it when you run your sassy mouth, they’re likely a brat tamer. But if they’re not a brat tamer by nature, they can choose to learn it.

As expected, this calls for open communication between you two. Avoid exhibiting a bratty attitude without letting your Dom know – this can throw them off their game. 

Bratty Tips for Beginners

Exploring brattiness in your relationship is only possible if you and your lover are on the same page. As a newbie, you can try these suggestions:

Let Your Partner In 

It’s best to discuss how being a bratty sub turns you on and your wish to add it to your sex life. 

Communicating with your partner makes it easier to include this dynamic in your bedroom. You can draw the rules together, set the boundaries, and only explore what works for you two.

Be Real

Bratting should come naturally to you. If you have the personality for it, you won’t find it hard displaying your naughty side to your Dom. 

Of course, you can also explore it out of curiosity. But if you feel forced or weird being a bratty sub, you can explore other BDSM styles.

Exceed The Bedroom

It gets boring if you only display your bratty attitude when you want to have sex. Play out your fantasy outside the bedroom and watch your partner get turned on by your rebellion.

Be Creative

Keep your Dom second-guessing your next step with a bag of tricks. You can switch your attitude from pleading for mercy to taunting him. 

Always keep him on his toes by exhibiting different moods, from unimpressed to rude to witty. You should also try out different sex toys.

Question Your Dom

Act like a petulant child and question everything your partner tells you to do. If they ask you to get them a cup of tea, ask them why you should. 

Meet every demand with a question until they lose their patience and administer a consensual punishment. 

Taunt/Tease Your Dom

Provoke your Dom into action by taunting and teasing them. Use phrases like, “Is that all you can do?”

Or send them a racy picture with a text saying, “Glad you aren’t here to make me do what you want. Now I can have fun with my toy.”

Aside from mastering the art of dirty sex talk, you can also tease them with oral sex (by stopping when they’re about to cum). 

You can even resist them from entering your tight pussy until they force you to submit.

Don’t Apologize Too Soon 

It’s natural to apologize when you disobey your Daddy, but a bratty sub does the opposite. Never apologize until you get your cravings (i.e., punishment).

Admitting your mistakes might end the fun too soon, so delay your apology until you’ve been punished. That’s the way of a perfect badass brat.

How to Deal With a Bratty Sub?

If you’re the brat-tamer in your relationship, you first need your partner’s consent to push their boundaries.

Secondly, you must understand that your submissive brat is like a cranky 5-year-old who demands your attention through mischief. Express your dominance through patience and proper discipline.

Dealing with your brat calls for mind games. Brat tamers should always be one step ahead to predict the next moves of their bratty submissive.

When your sub is being sassy, resist giving them attention. By doing this, you assert your dominance and show them you’re still the boss.

Instead of attention, give them a task to fulfill and increase their punishment time if they disobey. For instance, ban them from going to work with panties/underwear for a week or delay their orgasm.

You can also administer bodily punishment immediately, like spanking their ass or breasts or slapping them passionately. If your submissive partner is a masochist, they’ll want you to be rough with them.

To push the funishment further, take them unaware by rewarding them with a penalty they don’t crave. (E.g., if they desire a spanking, you could tell them to strip naked and do the laundry.)

If you’re far from disciplining them physically, you can purchase smart toys to instill funishment.

When they’re meek, reward their good behavior with a trinket, massage, bubble bath, or their favorite positions and activities.

Finally, learn your brat’s language. Always communicate with them to know if you’re on the right track. 

You can have an aftercare routine to review how each session went and what they liked or disliked. Don’t forget that you’re still in charge – only respect their words, don’t give them the power.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone loves a brat, but if it appeals to you and your partner, you should give brat play a try.

Dom/bratty sub relationships should not be an avenue to top your Master but a means to enjoy each other’s pleasure and build mutual respect.

Being a brat is super fun and challenging, so give it a try today if you wish to kick your BDSM game up a notch.

Stay stimulated!


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