Innie Vs Outie Vagina: What it Means and Which is More Common

Do you ever wonder what is the difference between innie vs outie vagina: what it means and which is more common? When it comes to the male penis, there are all shapes and sizes known to humankind. The conversations and comments made in a men’s locker room compare them like any other muscle. Maybe us women find ourselves a little more reserved in a social setting like that. There is nothing wrong with hiking your leg onto the bench and opening your legs to ask your workout partner if that mole in your labia is normal… maybe a few side eyes, but not anything that will cause a disturbance.

It is just not as common to easily conversate as it is with men and their genitals. It is actually super annoying and seems a little degrading that our anatomy is often mocked and talked about in several wrong contexts. So before we really dive into the subject, your vagina is beautiful, powerful, and a part of your body you should be proud of!

What Makes a Vagina an Innie or an Outie?

Simply put, an innie vagina is when your inner lips (labia minora) are smaller than your outer lips (labia majora). Your labia majora wraps around your labia minora and covers the clitoris. While an outie is when your labia majora is smaller than your labia minora. Your labia minora is more prominent and exposes the clitoris. Think of it like an innie is where the curtains are closed and an outie is where the curtains are opened. Both are still ready to perform, though!

It may seem shocking to hear, but statistically, at least 56% of us have an outie. Looking at the billions of women on earth, it’s pretty damn close to half, meaning innies and outies are just as common as one another. Just like a model’s face and fake big tits, our labias are not symmetrical. So, yes, one lip may hang lower than the other; this is absolutely normal and beautiful. You should also expect your vulva (including your labia minora, labia majora, and clitoris) will change in size, length, color, and texture throughout your life.

Effects on Health and Sexual Sensation

Curtains opened or closed, there should be no discomfort or irritation during sexual and non-sexual activities, according to research done in 2020. If your inner labia is more prominent (outie) and you do feel discomfort in normal day-to-day activities, using petroleum jelly can significantly reduce chafing. Along with wearing less restricting pants and allowing your pubic hair to grow, can also be a saving grace to this situation. 

There is also a benefit that comes with each beautiful vulva shape. Sex toys work better for innies and others are better for outies. If you are an innie, using bullet vibrators are going to work wonders during solo play and in between your partner in missionary style. For the outie vaginas, take advantage of the sex toys that have g-spot stimulation along with a wide clitoral vibrator. Usually in the shape of some majestic animal like a butterfly and perfect for solo play. There are also sex toys for your partner that can enhance your pleasure as an innie and other sex toys for outies to enjoy.

Normal Innie vs Outie Descriptions

If you want to take a closer look at your anatomy, grab a handheld mirror and find a private place to explore your body and get to know it better.

Inner lip asymmetry:

The inner lip is asymmetrical if it is longer, thicker, or otherwise different in size from the other. This is a common occurrence in vulvas, and inner labia may not be even.

Curved outer lips:

Think of your outer lips as an upside-down horseshoe with a circular curve and a point where they all meet. This often leaves the inner lips exposed, which may or may not extend below the labia majora.

Pronounced inner lips:

The inner lips typically extend further inward than the outer lips. The length of the inner lips can be barely distinguishable, or it can be significantly longer than the outer lips.

Pronounced outer lips:

The outer lips stick out and sit lower on the vulva. The skin can be thick and cushioned, thin and slack, or somewhere in between.

Long, hanging inner lips:

Inner lips can be as much as an inch (or more) longer than their outer counterparts. They may protrude outside of clothing and have extra skin or folds.

Long, hanging outer lips:

These lips tend to be larger than average and have very slack skin on the outside. They may protrude from clothing, much like hanging inner lips, and increase the inner lips’ degree of exposure.

Small, open outer lips:

The labia minora are visible because the outer lips, which are flat and rest against the pubic bone, are slightly separated.

Small, closed outer lips:

In this case, the outer lips are not separated; they completely cover and conceal the inner lips. Even though this type of vulva is frequently seen in adult entertainment, it is the least common type of vulva overall.

Visible inner lips:

The size of the inner and outer lips is typically the same in this type. The inner lips are visible because the outer folds naturally sit or pull to one side or the other. They can usually be seen from top to bottom of the outer lips.

Image Source: The Great Wall of Vagina Panels by Jamie McCartney

Changing the Appearance of an Innie or Outie

Caught ya! This is where you are going to have to physically sit down and try your best to take this lightly. Your vulva is effing perfect. Does someone other than you disagree with this? Unless they have several years as an OB/GYN, you have our permission to tell them to eat a bag of dicks rocks. Leave it to the male dominated porn-industry to tell us what our vulva is supposed to look like. If you think that going under the knife with a perfectly healthy vulva and coming out with a designer porn-star cooch is going to make your life or even your sex life better, it just isn’t going to happen. 

Now, there is an alternative if you are just worried about the look from the outside. The taboo of the Camel Toe can be perfectly masked with products like the Dante Camel Toe Concealer. It is a silicone adhesive that you place in your underwear. It is reusable and very comfortable, so don’t donate those yoga leggings just yet. 

With the massive rise of labiaplasty as a cosmetic procedure, it is apparent that many women don’t feel comfortable with the looks of their labia. This is horrible and absolutely unnecessary. Surgeons mention the dangers of labiaplasty and the side-effects that can come with this surgery, especially with a perfectly healthy vulva to begin with.

When to Consider Surgery

There is absolutely no reason any woman should be self-conscious and in pain or discomfort regarding the genitalia. Innie vaginas vs Outie vaginas still have components that can severely impact someone’s life. When either the labia majora or labia minora are elongated, the skin can get twisted, pulled, or chafed. And the discomfort during sex is grueling, even walking can interfere. 

If you have been through the steps like changing the fabric of your underwear, wearing looser pants, using creams, and are still experiencing pain and discomfort, a consultation with your doctor is the best thing to do. Some of us are just born with disproportions, especially us ladies who were blessed with a curse of big tits growing up, eventually leading to a back-pain from Hell.

F.A.Qs on Innie vs Outie Vaginas

Q: How do I know if I am an innie or outie?

A: Grab yourself a small mirror and look at the way your labias lays. To get a better visual, resources like The Great Wall of Vulva and the Labia Library.

Q: Is an innie vagina or an outie vagina better to have?

A: Given that both will smell, feel, and taste the same, it’s more of a personal preference. Until vaginas start printing currency, one will not be miraculously better than the next.

Final Thoughts

Innie, outie, uppie, downie, it doesn’t matter where your skin folds, flaps over, or hangs out. All vaginas are unique, just like snowflakes, fingerprints and penises. Vaginas come in different shapes and sizes, with “innie” and “outie” being commonly used terms. An innie refers to smaller inner lips (labia minora) compared to outer lips (labia majora), while an outie means the opposite. Both are normal and common, and shouldn’t look like anyone else’s.


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