How To Peg A Man? Here’s What You Need to Know

Pegging your boyfriend or husband can seem daunting at first. After all, men are not known for getting fucked in the ass.

But for the wildcards who’re ready to kick things up a notch, pegging a heterosexual man can be an extremely enjoyable experience.

If you’re a woman curious about how to peg a man, this quick guide is for you. 

Preparation To Peg A Man

how to peg a man

Do You Really Want To?

Pegging is a hot topic among couples of varying genders and genitals. But don’t just fall for the trend.

Ask yourself why you truly want to peg your man. Is it for the exhilarating feeling of dominating him? Trying something new?

Or did he ask for prostate stimulation or anal pleasure, and you’re just trying to please him? Come to terms with why you want to peg a straight man and move to the next step.

Talk About It

Communication will always be important in any relationship, more so when it comes to a sexual act as taboo as pegging. You can’t just show up one day and shove a dildo down his anus. No.

You have to discuss it ahead and somewhere non-sexual, even if he asked for it first.

Why are either of you interested in it? What are your expectations and how can you make the first session pleasurable? Is switching gender roles the next step in your relationship?

Get Cleaned Up

Once you’re sure you want to try this sex act and have discussed it with the receiving partner, it’s time to practice a much-needed hygienic session.

The anus can get messy pretty quickly, which is why he needs to shave the area and wash the insides every morning. 

The best tip is to shower before any anal penetration and use water, soap, and your finger to get rid of any dirt.

Try anal douching as well, which is basically a shower for the anus and rectum.

Start With Foreplay

Before we get into the different pegging positions to try ASAP, you need to keep this in mind. You should know how important foreplay is to sex, and anal sex for men is no exception. 

Couples should know what turns each other on and explore their bodies before actual anal penetration. 

Ass rimming is common foreplay, but don’t rule anything out. The goal is to get both parties aroused and ready for butt stuff. Try kissing, nipple play, oral, and all that.

Positions To Peg A Man

Positions To Peg A Man

Doggy Style

Men love getting some in doggy, but it’s your time to flip the scripts. Get him on all fours, whether it’s on a couch or bed.

You can even try the floor, and there are various variations of doggy style to experiment with. Since it’s likely your first time, the standard doggy should be your go-to.

Missionary Style

Your man lies down flat on the bed. You look into his eyes as you raise his legs toward his chest. It’s time to climb him, kneeling down.

Put the tip in and watch him get excited. Tease him with the tip until you go balls down on his ass.

It’s an intimate position, but make sure he stretches beforehand to avoid leg cramps.


Here, he’s doing the climbing as you lie down on a flat surface. He’s on top of you as you ram the strap-on deep inside his anus.

You can also give him a handjob and play with his balls and nipples.

Face Down

This one has your man lying on his stomach as you penetrate him from behind. The deeper you go, the more he bites into the bed, couch, or pillow.

Tips To Peg A Man

  • Go toy-shopping together. As you already know, pegging is a toy-heavy activity. You’ll need to get a water-based lubricant, strap-on or harness, dildo, butt plug, and anal beads. You can still enjoy your time with nothing but a lubricant and a strapon dildo. For the junkies out there, you’ll want to try different toys and see what works. You can even opt for a bullet vibrator, as adding some vibration will make your man orgasm faster and more intensely. Strap-ons also come in varieties, so dig around and shop for the best. Some examples are prostate strap-ons (perfect for prostate stimulation) and vibrating strap-ons (great for vibrating physical pleasure).
  • Lube, lube, lube! The name of the pegging game is lots of lube and a relaxed sphincter. This is the muscle around the anus. Getting it relaxed with some lubing, rimming, and fingering will make pegging all the more satisfying. You’ll be able to hit the prostate gland and give your man immense pleasure. Go for a water-based lube because others can be messy or make penetration painful.
  • Pegging can get messy. Your man should avoid foods that can make his stomach feel funny. And don’t forget to clean up before each session. Never skip this part. But all in all, things can still get messy down there. Remember not to sweat the small stuff.
  • Keep things interesting with different pegging positions. You can turn any existing sex position into a pegging position. You just have to reverse the role. Go wild and have fun. You can even improvise and come up with your own unique positions.

Final Thoughts

I hope I’ve satisfied your curiosity and you’re now fully equipped to peg any man. It’s as simple as preparing for it, learning the different positions to try out, and taking things slow. 

We’ve also included some tips to make the experience even more delightful. No wonder pegging is quickly getting ingrained in popular culture.


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