How To Detox Vagina? 5 Easy Steps

Ladies! Do you know how to detox vagina? Can we all come together and find the person who started the “Cleanse your vagina detox” trend? It probably all started with the rise of using the term vagina when referring to the whole female genitalia. The reality is, you should never wash, flush, vaginal douche, etc., your vagina. Now when it comes to your vulva, the outer area of your vagina, yes, you need to wash this area. Let’s talk about how to detox your vagina! 

There are TikTok trends and Instagram influencers flaunting their magic cleansing pearls and libido milkshakes making them look so tempting. Yeah, it’s fair to say that these products are probably legit and are packed with great ingredients and natural bacteria. But, is the product going to be in stock in 6 months? Has the product gone through extensive testing on all skin types? Is it approved by professionals that literally study your vaginas health for a living? If you are saying yes to all of those questions, then by all means, you should know how to detox vagina. Clean that coochie babe!

Should You Detox Down There?

Body detoxes have been a craze for a few decades and some have proved their magic time and time again. Releasing toxins and cleansing your body to rid harmful impurities from the food you eat and the environment. You go through this cleansing process to boost your body’s natural detox system. When raised with the suspicion that something fishy is going on down there, you know something happened to piss her off. Could be a change in diet, a new sexual partner, a rendezvous in the hot tub, some new sexy underwear, the binge drinking over your birthday week, or sometimes our vagina just gets sassy and thrown out of whack. 

Let’s get to actually answering your question, should you detox down there? Well, yes, and, no. Natural detoxes include things like drinking a crap ton of lemon water, drinking herbal tea like fenugreek, taking prebiotics, apple cider vinegar, specific fruits and veggies, and getting better sleep. These are amazing remedies to the toxin buildup in your digestive system, liver, and skin. Your vagina does not need your help with its own detoxing process, you will most likely cause more harm than good. Think about it, when you aren’t feeling your best and you have snot flowing out of your nostrils and can barely breathe, then someone comes along and shoves a foreign supplement in your mouth and says “bottoms up!” Well, your vagina won’t be happy about it either.

Yoni Detox Pearl

Yoni detox pearls are vaginal suppositories that are meant to cleanse the vagina and boost fertility. These statements, however, are not supported by scientific data. They are touted as a technique to remove mucus, toxins, germs, dead cells, negative energy, and old blood clots from the vagina. 

Some products also claim to cure fibroids, infertility, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, irregular periods, polycystic ovary syndrome, and pelvic inflammatory disease, but no medical proof supports these claims. 

But in reality, products like Yoni pearls, and the well known vaginal Goddess Detox, you just end up with a week of itching, burning, cramping, vaginal dryness, atypical discharge, bacterial vaginosis, and yeast infections. All thanks to the products that are marketed to help you. That really doesn’t seem like a fair trade, right?

To Steam or Not to Steam

To do yoni steaming, or vaginal steaming, you need to strip to the waist and sit over a pot filled with warm water and herbs. This allows the steam to enter all of the crevices needed. You can go to the spa and sit on a throne (a spa version of a portable toilet). The throne has a hole in the bottom to warm a pot of herbs. If you feel like this is a little invasive to your privacy, totally understandable. 

You can also create your own vaginal steamer at home by sitting over a steaming bowl or pot, using a slatted chair, or a toilet adaptor. If you like, you can wrap a towel or blanket around your lower body to trap the steam and keep yourself toasty warm. For preparation, combine one cup of dried herbs or four cups of fresh herbs with around a gallon of boiling water in a big saucepan or bowl. 

A huge reason vaginal steaming at home is frowned upon is due to using the wrong herbs and not going through the steaming process correctly. If you aren’t really sure what you are doing with an at-home vaginal steam session, don’t be surprised when a vaginal infection comes along.

5 Ways to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Vagina

Wash Your Vagina Correctly, Which is Not at All

Yeah, it still throws some women for a loop when they are told to not wash their actual vagina. Your vulva, hell yes, your vagina, the part that is literally inside of you, hell no. You can look at feminine hygiene products the same way you look at any other unscented hypoallergenic body wash, and most likely at a fraction of the price. Warm water, a mild soap, and a gentle washcloth is more than enough to wash the sweat and oils off your vulva area, similarly like your armpit.

Restore Balance Naturally

When it comes to detoxing your vagina, there are a number of natural remedies you can try. These remedies can help restore balance, fight off vaginal infections, and keep your lady bits feeling fresh and fabulous. Probiotics are very helpful in maintaining vaginal health. These beneficial bacteria help regulate your vaginal pH levels and prevent the overgrowth of harmful things like bacteria vaginosis. You can find probiotics in foods like yogurt and kefir or take them in supplement form. Like mentioned early, even drinking diluted apple cider vinegar can help bring your vaginas pH level back to its acidic normal. 
*Bonus tip: What you wear can cause irritation. Polyester underwear, tight pants, wearing your workout clothes or wet bathing suit for too long. All of these can irritate your vagina and cause infections.

Your Overall Health

Eating a balanced diet and exercising are among the biggest factors to your health. If you are severely lacking in this area, don’t be mad at your vagina for freaking out. Switching out that third coffee of the day with water or tea, scour the fruit section at your market and make smoothies, desserts, snacks, breakfast oatmeal, etc. Adding more Vitamin C to your daily intake can also work wonders. If you are a fan of fish, cook up a nice salmon for yourself, it is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats will help reduce inflammation in the vaginal tissues and reduce the risk of infections.

Please Your Vagina After Pleasing Yourself

Practicing healthy and safe sex is freaking hot! While your vagina is having the best time during intercourse, it can quickly get violent if there isn’t after-care. Even during intercourse, just like wiping, front to back and never back to front. Do not, for any reason, even if you are trying to put a ring on it, don’t let any finger, penis, toy, anything, go from your anus and back into your vagina. That’s nasty and your vagina agrees. Anything going in, and out, of your vagina needs to be clean. Now, don’t stop yourself from laying there a good minute or two after your orgasmic deed. Catch your breath, and get your ass in that bathroom to pee. You don’t have to pee? Yes you do, and you will. If semen is involved in this act, it is a surefire way to throw off the pH balance. Semen is basic on the pH scale, this raises your pH level way above its natural 3.8 level and once that level goes over a 4.5, your vagina on it’s way to a yeast infection.

Your Vagina and Gyno Have a Relationship

You need to support this relationship! Your vagina has a special bond with your gyno, green flags all around. Your gyno is always looking out for your vaginas safety, health, and well-being. There is no gaslighting your vagina. If you are in discomfort, your vagina is missing its gyno partner. Make that appointment and figure out what’s going on. Plus, this is the only person that knows about your vagina as much as you do, if not more.

You need to see a doctor about these vaginal signs and symptoms:

  • Chunky, green, or gray discharge
  • Excessive vaginal odor and foul-smelling discharge
  • Redness and itching 
  • Burning after peeing or sex
  • Bleeding between periods


Q: What can I drink to clean my vagina?

A: Other than an ample amount of water? You can drink a variety of herbal teas and many fruit juices. You do not want to drink sugary juices, just natural with no sugar added.

Q: How do I make my vagina clean and taste good?

A: If you are looking for a flawless sweet apple pie, you need to let it go. If you have a partner suggesting this, dump them or educate them. Your vagina is supposed to taste like natural body oils, maybe a little briney from urine, just like a penis is, but never anything pungent tasting. Good or bad.

Q: How does a clean vagina smell?

A: Like a clean vagina… There shouldn’t be any beachy floral fragrances or fishy sour smell. Again, it could smell briney from urine, even a faint copper smell is normal. Roses, cupcakes, and sweet fruit are not normal.

Q: How can I get rid of smelly discharge naturally?

A: The one thing you’re not going to do is vaginal douching. There are multiple studies like this one that prove the dangers and harm they do. So, if you found yourself going through all 5 of the remedies listed in this article today, there is a slight change of bacterial vaginosis and not good. Schedule that appointment and don’t wait for things to get worse.

Final Thoughts on How to Detox Your Vagina

It starts with the vaginal odor and discharge, next thing you know it burns when you pee and during/after intercourse. A common thought is to flush out whatever bacteria is making your vagina feel ill.  But, it’s better if you take a step back and look at other main contributing factors to your vaginal health. The fabrics you wear, your hygiene, sex life, and your diet can all be altered to a healthier practice before you start dissecting the problem right at the source.


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