How A Sexless Marriage Affects A Woman (10 Major Effects)

Welcome! If you are in a sexless marriage, you are not alone. It is estimated that approximately 15-20 percent of couples across the world have little to no sex life. This blog post will explore how a sexless marriage affects a woman emotionally, psychologically, and physically; while providing ways for the affected partner to cope with such an experience.

We’ll look at what it feels like living without intimacy and help provide solutions for taking back control of your relationship and self esteem. So stay tuned as we delve into this important topic and discuss how to make sure your needs are met – regardless if they involve sex or not!

Effects of a Sexless Marriage on Women

Women in a sexless marriage may suffer from low self-esteem, emotional distance and loss of intimacy, increase in stress, anxiety or depression which can ultimately affect their overall quality of life.

Decreased self-esteem

A sexless marriage can lead to decreased self-esteem in women, with many feeling unattractive and inadequate due to the lack of physical and emotional intimacy. According to a study on marital conflicts, intimacy concerns are all too common in cases of a sexless relationship.

Women may face feelings of rejection frustration, which take its toll on their mental health as well as overall self-worth. Low self-esteem is one of the primary consequences for someone who finds themselves in a sexless marriage.

The resulting feelings thus have an impacts such stress, anxiety or depression that affects their quality of life negatively and leads them to believe that they may not be worthy or capable enough anymore—which is why it’s essential that individuals end up practicing healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with lack of sexual fulfillment within their relationship without resorting to adultery or unhealthy behaviors instead.

Emotional distance and loss of intimacy

In a sexless marriage, the lack of sexual intimacy can have devastating effects on both partners. Among women, this tends to erode feelings of love, affection, connection, and intimacy within the marriage.

When there is no physical closeness or touch between two people who have vowed to stay together for better or worse, it often leads to an emotional distance that may be difficult to overcome.

This emotional disconnection can leave some feeling isolated and desperate for the attention they used to receive from their partner. The resulting decrease in self-esteem also affects mental health negatively; symptoms such as increased stress levels, anxiety and depression are sure signs that something needs addressing within your relationship.

Increase in stress, anxiety, and depression

For women in a sexless marriage, the associated feelings of loneliness and isolation can contribute to elevated levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. The frustrations of having their emotional needs left unmet can lead to an array of negative mental health effects.

As intimacy declines in the relationship, the amount of communication may start to dwindle as well. This further contributes to a vicious cycle where both partners feel unwelcome or undesired by one another.

Research has shown that when it comes to female sexual desire – feeling deeply understood and emotionally connected is essential for arousal. That level of connection becomes difficult over time without sufficient communication from both parties involved in the marriage— leaving room for these feelings of anxiety and depression due to not satisfying their partner’s wants/needs.

Without physical contact ,the woman also experiences changes such as decreased pain threshold along with sleeplessness which sometimes can be solved only with professional help or counseling.

Negative impact on overall quality of life

A sexless marriage can have an impact on a woman’s overall quality of life. This could include emotional, psychological, and physical consequences that can lead to decreased happiness and satisfaction with the relationship.

Emotionally, women in these marriages may feel rejected, lonely, frustrated, guilty or inadequate which leads to increased stress levels and feelings of discontentment. Psychologically it may lead to a decrease in their self-esteem as they do not feel desired or attractive anymore leading them to question themselves and their attractiveness.

Physically there are fewer orgasms due to lack of intimacy which result in decreased Libido for both partners as well as feeling disconnected from each other jeopardizing the survival of such relationships over time.

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Communication and Solutions

Open up communication and taking action in order to identify ways to strengthen your relationship is key for anyone navigating a sexless marriage.

Importance of open and honest communication

Communication is a key factor in addressing the issue of a sexless marriage. It’s essential to have open and honest communication with one’s partner about desires, needs, and expectations when it comes to sex.

Discussing sexual interests openly can help re-establish communication lines, reignite passion, and ultimately bring back physical intimacy. Understanding each other’s perspective is also necessary in finding solutions for a sexless marriage without cheating or resorting to an affair outside of the relationship.

Having proper dialogue on the subject of sexuality can make couples feel seen and understood while helping them identify potential issues that could be getting in the way such as fear of rejection or physical discomfort due to poor understanding of good practice related to anatomy or intercourse positions among others things.

Seeking professional help or counseling

Professional help or counseling can be a great way for couples in a sexless marriage to address communication issues and find solutions. A trained therapist can help partners communicate their needs and understand each other’s perspectives while providing guidance on how to handle the situation. 

Therapy creates an opportunity for couples to safely express their feelings, identify any underlying causes of conflict or tension, develop coping strategies, negotiate boundaries related to intimacy, explore alternative ways of being intimate without physical contact ,and discuss expectations around sex and relationships. 

Through therapy, couples learn the true value of honest communication which helps them move past differences that may have caused problems before. 

Additionally, therapists provide expertise regarding medical conditions that could be contributing factors in a Sexless Marriage and offer techniques for effective communication – both verbal and non-verbal – allowing partners’ respective wants and desires to feel safe with one another so that they are more likely seek out avenues for growth as individuals within the relationship.

Exploring alternative ways to be intimate

Here are some other alternative ways to be intimate in a relationship you should definitely try out:

  • Communication is key— empathize with your partner’s wants and needs, show love and affection, be honest and open about the difficult topics. Embrace non-sexual physical affection like hugging, kissing, cuddling, holding hands – even if it doesn’t lead to sex!
  • Schedule quality time together – take a walk together, watch a movie or engage in meaningful conversations.
  • Take a break – some couples find that taking a break from regular routine activities helps them reconnect more deeply.
  • Explore new activities together – going on an overnight getaway or engaging in exciting outdoor activities can help reignite the spark in a relationship.
  • Spice up date nights with change of environment and sensual inspiration like romantic music or candlelight dinners.
  • Talk about fantasies & desires—married couples can trust each other enough to talk openly about their sexual fantasies & desires without judgement. Taking turns sharing ideas could spice things up in the bedroom.

If these steps do not work it may be best to consult professional help either individually or as a couple for further advice on how to handle and heal from the challenges of sexless marriage.

Finding other outlets for energy and passion

Here are some other activities you can engage in to cultivate energy and passion:

  • Explore other interests and hobbies: Having a safe space to express yourself and take part in something you are passionate about can be highly beneficial for women who feel frustrated by lack of intimacy. 
  • Try meditation or mindfulness: Slowing down, managing stress, and being mindful can help enable access to one’s inner strength and calmness when faced with difficulty.
  • Participate in physical activities such as yoga that bring joy: Exercise is a naturally endorphin-releasing activity which increases energy levels; taking part in an enjoyable form of exercise like yoga can also increase motivation and self-esteem.
  • Make time for meaningful conversations with loved ones: Maintaining healthy relationships outside the marriage helps boost emotional connection within it as well; Finding ways to remain connected through shared interests or meaningful dialogue is essential even while apart.

What happens to the woman in a sexless marriage?

A sexless marriage can undermine a woman’s sense of self-worth and generally have negative consequences. Women in these situations may find that their overall quality of life diminishes, as they experience emotional disconnection from their partner and decreased sexual desire or satisfaction due to the lack of intimacy.

This can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, and even depression as women in a sexless marriage may feel like something is missing. They could also struggle with low self-esteem, because it affects whether or not they believe they are desirable.

Women may suffer further if communication regarding why there may be a lack of intimacy with their partner isn’t addressed openly and honestly between them both. Detrimental mental health effects, such as unresolved trauma related to past relationships or events can surface for some women in these marriages which need to be addressed before any progress towards physical connection is possible again within the relationship.

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What are the psychological effects of sexless marriage?

Having a sexless marriage can have severe implications on both partners’ mental well-being and emotional health. Women in particular will often experience decreased self-esteem, emotional distance, and an increase in stress levels due to the lack of intimate physical connection present.

This can lead to feelings of isolation, loneliness, inadequacy, rejection and guilt – all further impacting their overall quality of life negatively. Poor communication between partners is also likely associated with such marriages as couples are unable to discuss their concerns or seek solutions openly for fear that it might damage what relationships still remain.

Additionally, spouses may struggle with intimacy issues such as erectile dysfunction or medical problems which impairs sexual desire making building an uninhibited relationship together even more of a challenge.

Both men and women report feelings of anger, bitterness, frustration but most importantly reduced self-worth because they feel like they do not deserve this kind of treatment from their partner anymore – regardless if it is intentional or not.

What lack of intimacy does to a woman?

The impact of a lack of intimacy in a sexless marriage on women can be devastating. Women can experience decreased self-esteem, feelings of rejection and isolation, emotional distance, and increased stress, anxiety, and depression.

A woman may also find that her quality of life is significantly reduced as the intimacy between herself and her partner wanes. Without the connection created through physical touch or emotional understanding she could struggle to get through their day-to-day lives together or even feel motivated enough to stick with the relationship at all.

This can leave a woman feeling lonely and unsteady in her marriage. For some women this may mean finding solace elsewhere such as hobbies or other interests but for many it takes its toll with long term effects potentially damaging both parties involved if not addressed properly in time..

What are the long term effects of a sexless relationship?

The long-term effects of a sexless relationship on women can include decreased self-esteem, emotional distance and loss of intimacy, increased stress, anxiety and depression, as well as a negative impact on overall quality of life.

A lack of sexual activity in the marriage can result in low libido for both parties as well as a weakened sense of connection between them. This can lead to feelings of loneliness, rejection and inadequacy due to their perceived inability to satisfy the other partner or make them happy.

Poor communication is often seen in these marriages which compounds the problem even further leading to ongoing frustration and strain on the relationship itself. Women are particularly vulnerable since they may feel more inclined than men to blame themselves when things don’t work out sexually with their partners resulting in additional psychological distress.


A sexless marriage can have serious and long-term effects on women, both emotionally and psychologically. Decreased self-esteem, emotional distance and loss of intimacy, increased stress, anxiety, depression are just some of the consequences that a woman in such a relationship may experience.

Without intimacy and proper communication within the relationship, feelings like frustration, resentment and vengefulness may begin to arise. In order to survive a sexless marriage without cheating it is important for both partners to engage in honest conversations about their needs while exploring alternative ways to be intimate or finding other sources of passion and energy outlets.

With professional help or counseling if necessary, couples can work towards restoring harmony back into the relationship before it snowballs further down an irreversible decline.


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