DDLG Rules: A Guide to Rules for Littles

I’ve got a super kinky one for you today – DDLG Rules.

If you know what it is, congrats! Glad to know you’re well-versed in the roleplay world.

If you don’t know what DDLG means, this guide is for you. We’ll look at the rules, terminologies, and common mistakes to avoid.

Of course, you can ride along if you’re familiar with this BDSM practice. There’s plenty to learn, especially if you’re a little.

What is DDLG?

DDLG stands for daddy dom little girl. Mind you, it’s not a sketchy way to promote incest or pedophilia. We don’t condone such things here.

DDLG, DD/LG, or DDlg is a roleplay scenario where the male acts as a daddy, and the female takes the role of a little girl. There are different versions: MDLB (mommy dom little boy), MDLG (mommy dom little girl), and DDLB (daddy dom little boy).

So, when you have one person as the caregiver and the other being childlike, you have a DDLG relationship. (All variations are often called “DDLG.”)

It’s a part of the wild world of BDSM where we toss conventional rules aside for pleasurable experimentation and utmost fulfillment.

People in DDLG relationships play with things like pacifiers, sippy cups, cartoons, bedtime stories, toys, and stuffed animals. Plus, some DDLG affairs are not sexual.

ddlg rules

Useful Acronyms and Terms

  • BDSM stands for bondage, domination, submission, and masochism. We also use D&S to eliminate other parts and focus on the dom (or top) and sub (bottom).
  • Earlier, I explained the terms DDLG, DDLB, MDLG, and MDLG. But you can use them interchangeably with CLG, which means Caregiver/Little. It’s more gender-neutral.
  • Another common one is ABDL (Adult Baby / Diaper Lover), but it calls attention to the little one wearing a diaper to start the roleplay. You remove the diaper to end the session.
  • When a trans person is involved, the terms change to TDLB, TDLG, TMLG, and TMLB.
  • The daddy/mommy figure has lots of names, too. Daddy/mommy, dom, daddy/mommy dom, sugar daddy/mommy, diaper lover, caregiver, and protector refer to this figure.
  • In some cases, the child figure can be dominant. When this happens, we use princess or brat instead of little or baby girl. The little can act like a newborn, infant, toddler, preschooler, or child of school age. When you act like an adolescent or teenager, we use the term middle.
  • Age play is a term that encompasses DDLG and other related BDSM acts. It’s when someone roleplays as being younger or older for fun. In DDLG, the caregiver often stays the same age, so the little one is the one age-playing.
  • Headspace refers to the mindset of the age player. Little space is the state of mind of being a younger person and needing care. Daddy space is the headspace of the dominant caregiver, which can be on 24/7 or when the little is around. Some daddies also act older than their age.
  • A switch is someone that likes to alternate their role. They may be dominant today and submissive tomorrow, so “daddy dom” becomes “little boy” and vice versa.

What Makes a Good Set of DDLG Rules?

  • Communication & Agreement: Any memorable sexual activity starts with communication, more so in DDLG play. You need to sit down with your partner and explain what you want and why. You two need to be on the same page regarding the rules, rewards, and punishments. Be clear on your terms, limits, safe words, outfits, scenes, and more.
  • Headspace: As explained earlier, you two need to slip into the right headspace to make this work. What’s your role as the little and how much control are you giving daddy? How much do you trust daddy to have your best interest at heart? Be clear on your ages, roles, and responsibilities, and find the best ways to enter your respective headspaces. It may be an outfit, toy, phrase, activity, or a specific scene.
  • Aftercare & Debrief: This helps you stay on track regarding your sexual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Cuddling, having a conversation, and wearing adult clothes are common aftercare activities. Debriefing is a specific conversation to evaluate how much you liked or disliked a session and if you’ll retry it. It comes after the predefined aftercare. The former brings you back to normalcy while the latter reviews the session.

Some Good DDLG Rules

  • Power: Age play is all about the power dynamic. One party is dominating, protective, and caregiving while the other is submissive, childlike, and obedient. The power exchange can be mild or extreme, however. Some couples only do it romantically and not sexually. Others set strict rules and when they violate them, daddy will punish you. Oftentimes, this leads to some steamy foreplay and titillating sex. The more hardcore DDLG couples take it to the extreme, with powerful dom/sub dynamic. The little becomes daddy’s slave and not just follows the rules but worships her caregiver. Daddy controls everything including your decisions. As a little, you derive pleasure from your caregiver disciplining you on what to wear, how to act, what to do, etc.
  • Activities: Lots of fun games and activities in this world. Creating something together, watching cartoons and childish movies and TV shows, having bedtime stories read to you, nail-painting, playing with toys, cooking and baking, playing children’s games like jigsaw puzzles, playing in the woods, and many more.
  • Outfits & Toys: Your caregiver can dress you up to get things started. Clothing choices include adult diapers, onesies, pajamas, underwear, lingerie, stockings, collars, knee-high socks, and adult-sized clothes and accessories with childlike designs. Toys also make things interesting. Baby bottles, adult pacifiers, plushies, stuffies, and other baby toys or childlike adult toys. Some even enjoy pet play.
  • Behavior: Behavioral rules are set by the dom for the little to obey. He or she may define when you sleep, what words you say, and how you act. For instance, there can be a no-swearing rule. You may also be required to refer to daddy as “sir” or “master.” Another one is saying “please” when asking for something and closing with “thank you” when daddy grants your wish or instructs you. Juvenile behaviors—including whining, crying, and thumb-sucking—can also come into play. Some littles talk like children and end their sentences with “mommy” or “daddy.”
  • Punishments: Daddy can refuse access to snacks, toys, outfits, activities, and entertainment if you do something “bad.” This depends on the set rules and the punishments are often predetermined, so you don’t step out of line and disobey daddy. He can make you sleep early, ground you, or make you spank yourself.
  • Care: DDLG ageplay goes hand-in-hand with care, compassion, and consideration. Daddy can take care of you during “potty” time, bathe you, and brush your hair. He can also tuck you in bed and watch over you when playing. The more caring and affectionate your daddy or mommy is, the stronger the relationship and dynamic.
  • Rewards: Daddy can also reward you for obeying his rules and granting his wish. He could buy you toys and outfits for being a “good” girl, or take you out somewhere nice.
  • Examples of DDLG rules for littles (including sexual, housework, playtime, self-care, health, bedtime, and general rules):
    • Always ask daddy before masturbating or orgasming
    • Get naked on all fours before daddy gets home
    • Sleep naked with daddy and wear diapers when sleeping alone
    • Don’t wear panties at home
    • Never speak without daddy’s permission
    • Don’t talk with strangers without asking daddy first
    • Daddy picks what you wear for the day
    • Practice positive self-talk every morning and night
    • Maintain good hygiene and clean your room every morning
    • Daddy picks your drinks and meals, even when dining out; you can also give him options to choose from
    • Always stay close to daddy when outside
    • Greet daddy with a drink when he gets home
    • Put your phone on silent mode when you’re with daddy
    • Tell daddy before leaving the house
    • Always eat healthily and exercise regularly, and send proof to daddy
    • When you wake up, write or text daddy that you’ll always be a good girl
    • Wear a house or day collar depending on if you’re inside or outside
    • Always tell the truth – tell daddy what you want and what’s on your mind

Pro-tip: Get creative with your partner and come up with rules that make the experience satisfying. Some rules may be too lax or strict for some people, so it’s always best to discuss them. And don’t be afraid to try new, intense things. It may sound extreme but you may end up loving it.

Common DDLG Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not Following the Rules: Rules are the backbone of DDLG and any BDSM relationship. Without rules, it’s easy for one party to go overboard or not push it well enough. Rules like the power exchange, activities, terms, toys, safe words, and limits matter. Great DDLG rules include punishments for violating any of these, but there’s no point in setting a rule and punishment if you refuse to follow it.
  • Removing Consent: This relationship only works when two adults consent to one being a little and the other being a caregiver. Some people have had trouble introducing it because their partner isn’t as interested and they try to force it.
  • Not Communicating Properly: Aside from consent, you two should sit down and have a long conversation about the clothing, roles, and rules. It doesn’t stop there either. There are plenty of things to talk about when it comes to DDLG.
  • Age Regression: This is a serious medical condition that calls for professional attention. Age regression occurs when a person regresses to a more immature headspace. This is often an attempt to deal with childhood trauma and abuse, escaping reality and revisiting a much safer time. DDLG and age regression are very different. One is a healthy sexual kink; the other is an unhealthy coping mechanism. So, if you’re trying to heal childhood trauma and find yourself involuntarily regressing your age, please go see a therapist or psychologist. Even if your regression is intentional, work on yourself, and don’t use DDLG to block out mental stress.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re new to ageplay or experienced, DDLG works wonders when you know the do’s and don’ts. 

People misunderstand it but once you open your mind to the idea and understand what to do, you’ll find that your sex life will improve drastically.

Now that I’ve laid down the rules and mistakes associated with DDLG as a little, I hope you have fun exploring them with daddy/mommy.



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