A Guide to Biting Kink During Sex

The relationship that consists of vanilla sex. The dead fish Tinder date. How about the pillow princess you thought for sure was a freak in the sheets? We have all been there, sometimes too awkward to ask or too late to mention it. The biting kink falls under the D in BDSM, discipline.

What is a biting kink?

The fancy name “odaxelagnia” defines the arousal and sexual pleasure one feels through biting or being bitten. Whether it is your or your partner’s fantasy, it is crucial to discuss this, and any other kinks you wish to act on during the deed. Biting with the teeth, according to ‘The Kamasutra of Vatsyayana,’ is evidence of the desire for satisfaction and control.

A biting kink is an animalistic and passionate behavior that occurs when people are strongly aroused. Arousal is not only a sexual sensation. Whether the trigger is anger, fear, or a drive to win, any experience that raises your adrenaline levels causes you to become stimulated, and biting appears to be an indication of that arousal.

biting kink is great

Why do people enjoy erotic biting?


People generally like biting because it is an enjoyable kink to them. Some individuals find it so pleasurable that being bitten can cause an orgasm with no additional stimulation. Others describe it as a nice tingling or a special type of agony with a clearly delightful undertone.

Primal play

Biting is a common behavior in foreplay. By the way, “foreplay” resembles a kink identity and form of play that involves a lot of animalistic behaviors such as biting, clawing, groaning, and overall withdrawing to a more primal state of being.


The act of biting could also be used to demonstrate dominance or to express affection. A love bite or a playful nip might be compared to a kiss or a hand grip in some situations.

With your partner’s biting king, there’s a good chance they’ll enjoy some harsh games as well. Make a surprise move and use a combination of a bite and a slap or choke. It may come as a surprise to them, but you will be shocked by the outcome!

Odaxelagnia is quite popular, and you should try it! It is an infinite game of tension and suspense that not only provides continual enjoyment but  may also lead to climax.

How to bite during sex

While you’re making out, softly nibble on your partner’s lip first to see whether they’re alright with a little teeth. In between seductive open-mouth kisses on their skin, you may also softly slide your teeth over your partner’s shoulders.

Keep the bites short. Focusing on the same area of skin over an extended period might produce irritation. There is an alternative method for planting your love bites, and it does not require biting hard on a specific location for an extended period of time.

Nibbling is risk-free. Don’t sink your teeth into extra-sensitive areas. Just a playful nibble is a good level to start at.

Tried and true hotspots

  • Neck
  • Ears
  • Collar bone
  • Lips
  • Feet
  • Thighs
  • Butt
  • Nipples
  • Inner arm
  • Fingers

 Several ways to bite

  • Giving a slight tug on their lower lip during a make-out session
  • While exploring their body, use open mouth kisses and glide your teeth in between areas.
  • Switch between light sucking and soft nibbling, and pay attention to their body language.

Simultaneously, licking the nipples with amorous smooches gives the movement a sensual rough-and-soft feel. “Adding kisses can make it even more thrilling by contributing to the building of feelings.” While you should ultimately follow your instincts, as you approach the climax, your kissing and biting may get more feverish in line with your degree of excitement.

Try gently biting down on your partner’s skin. Once you reach their lower abdomen during oral sex, this heightens their anticipation as you move closer to the hot spots. Allow your mouth to linger on any portion of their body that you find especially scrumptious.

Flipping your lover over and biting the back of their neck is one of the sexiest maneuvers you can do. There is nothing more empowering than feeling your partner become weak and limp in your arms, submitting with a sigh of contentment as you sink your teeth comfortably into their upper back. This is our primal instinct as mammals. For example, wild lions show dominance and hold down their mates to keep them still and show who is in charge during the deed..

Mistakes to avoid

Bites leave imprints, and they can be extremely prominent ones. A love bite is easily identifiable and difficult to explain. If you enjoy getting bitten, it’s worth thinking about whether you’ll have to expose any flesh around colleagues and family, and how it will appear to have bite marks there when you do. You never know the attention you can draw to yourself when it looks like you are screwing Dracula.

Keep in mind: there is a thin line between “this is turning me on” and “what the heck are they doing?”

To avoid criticism or awkward stares, inform your partner which areas are the easiest to hide or when you cannot have any marks at all. Here is a simple reminder: hickies were a thing of the ‘80s.

So, if you do get the desire to bite down on some flesh, first make sure your partner positively reciprocates the action, and second, make sure you’re focusing on the right areas of their body. It’s an obvious fact that biting the genitals is very risky and not for amateurs. However, if everyone agrees and it’s a lovely kinky thing to do, you should never hold back. So get kinky and bite away.

Final thoughts

Sexual biting has been recommended to assist those who disconnect from their thoughts and reconnect with their physical bodies at the present time. Biting is a great form of play for those who know how to do it just right.

There are several things that you need to think about before biting someone, and if you take those things into account, you can avoid the need for a police officer in your room or them calling the “cleaners” to get rid of your victim.


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